The 8 Best Portable Solar Chargers

What to Look for in a Portable Solar Charger?

Charging power – Bigger solar chargers typically charge your devices faster, but the wattage is a better indicator of charging power than the size of the solar panels alone. If you want to charge a phone in a reasonable amount of time, 10 to 15W is about the lowest you want to go.

Battery backup – Portable solar chargers that have built-in power banks are a must-have if you plan on using yours in cloudy conditions or at night. Look for a bigger battery if you want to be able to charge multiple devices or have extra reserve power in an emergency.

Portability – More surface area for the solar panels usually translates into more power for your devices, so folding solar chargers tend to split the difference between great portability and high output. Single panel chargers are easier to carry around, but the smaller ones struggle to provide a decent amount of power in anything resembling a timely manner.

So, let’s look at the best 8 solar chargers now – we’ve selected them very carefully! 🙂

Best Overall: 10-in-1

Designed with the outdoor camper in mind, this portable solar charger is ready to help you out with all your power needs, thanks to a huge battery and compact solar panel. With dual USB output ports, it’s easy enough to charge a smartphone and other portable devices that might come in handy during nights in the woods. A built-in LED light helps it serve dual purposes as a nightlight and shows you the amount of charge left in the power bank. The shell consists of wear-resistant plastic and is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. Taking around 8 to 10 hours to fully charge, this power bank can charge a smartphone from 0 to 100 percent in around two hours. Overall it’s portable, durable and can hang on a backpack and charge while you’re on the move.


Best Splurge

Thanks to a super-sized solar panel charger that offers a beefy of power capable of re-charging smartphones, tablets, and even some smaller laptops. You can charge 4 devices at the same time thanks to a built-in charger. Fortunately, all that extra juice doesn’t mean an unwieldy size; this solar panel maintains a slim and foldable profile that’s easy to carry around. It can go in or on a backpack with the included carabiner that hooks directly to a bag. The connector cables enable it to charge just about any type of device, while the incorporation of solar charging technology helps achieve the appropriate current and voltage to deliver max power. Ultimately, this solar panel is an ideal combination of portability and power that can keep you going for days.


Best Battery Life

25 watts of monocrystalline solar panels can increase conversion efficiency by 25%, much higher than ordinary solar panel chargers (≤15%). This solar power bank is a solid choice when you need a battery on the go. Capable of charging an iPhone 7 up to 10 times before running out of power, the battery pack adds dual USB 2.1A inputs for rapidly charging two devices at a time. It works with all Apple and Android smartphones as well as a slew of other devices. Plus, the rugged form factor makes it ideal for outdoor use — the hardware can withstand rain, shock, and dust as well as intelligently preventing devices from overcharging or overheating while plugged in. The included hook attaches to a backpack or tent for charging via sunlight without having to be carried in hand. 


Best Phone Charger

With an ultra-portable design, this is a 12.000 mAh portable solar power bank is the ideal solution for keeping your smartphone charged. Fortunately, its water-resistant design and shockproof casing make it easy to travel and attach to the outside of a carry-on bag (there’s an included hook). An emergency flashlight helps you quickly find any lost items and the smart LED indicators alert you when the battery is charged or requires a re-charge.


Best For Outdoor

With this solar charger, you’ll never find yourself caught off-guard by low battery levels on your computer or smartphone, no matter if you’re tackling adventures or just navigating the demands of the day-to-day. Small and light (it measures just over a pound and can be folded to the size of a magazine), it’s easy to pack, but its size doesn’t stop it from producing a great deal of power. The port is covered by a cloth flap and rubber cover to protect them from dust or water damage. It is compatible with a variety of Apple and Android devices, and the polymer surface protects the entire charger from occasional rain and fog. When hiking under trees or when you encounter cloudy conditions, the device will automatically stop, restarting once it’s back in the sun. 


Runner-Up, Best Portability

This solar cell panel offers one of the lightest and most portable options available. It is ideal for any adventurer whether you’re in the city or the mountains. It can easily fit into a jacket pocket for easy transportation.

An iPhone 6 can be charged within 2.5 hours with these solar panels. While the smaller sizes are only able to accommodate smaller devices, additional panels can be added to meet any charging needs. With auto reset technology, the device will automatically resume powering once you enter a sunny area so you don’t have to worry about plugging and unplugging.


Best for Hiking

The portable and compact design of the solar charger is a fantastic and highly efficient solution for hikers who want to stay charged while on the trail. With dual USB ports, this keeps your iPhone, Android and tablets charged whether you’re on an adventure or sitting at the kitchen table. The build quality matches its use-case with a rugged canvas designed specifically for outdoor use. Come rain or shine, this will be ready to go.


Best for Water-Resistance

Water-resistant and durable, this portable solar charger has a PVC fabric canvas that can withstand thunderstorms, high humidity and even splashes from the ocean. The included Smart IC circuit helps maximize battery life through the dual USB chargers by determining the type of connected device and the appropriate output power. The included attachment hook makes it ideal for connecting to a backpack while you’re on the trail or walking around town.


Pick your faves up to your needs, enjoy full comfort and keep charged even on the go!

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